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The American Kennel Club Provides each member club one (1)


per year to be presented in recognition of outstanding sportsmanship.

A ballot listing the entire Sum Maid KC membership is sent to each member prior to the annual meeting. A check box is next to each name, including a space to briefly state the merits of their nominee, and returned to the Club Secretary. The nominees are sorted accordingly. and the member with the highest count is presented with the medallion and certificate at the Annual Meeting and Awards Dinner in July.

The medallion may be awarded to any "outstanding" member that has shown exemplary club service, or for any other reason, at the member clubs discretion. Award honoree must be in good standing with AKC. The AKC lists the recipients of this award on its website and in various publications.

Although there are many members in Sun Maid Kennel Club with years of active service and dedication deserving of such an award, there can only be one recipient per year. All nominees are honorably mentioned and presented with certificates of Recognition.

The sun Maid Kennel Club initiated this award presentation in 2008. The award honors individuals that deserve special recognition and have made a difference in the sport of purebred dogs, embodied the AKC Code of Sportsmanship, and have been an active and valued member of the AKC member club.


Linda has been an active member of Sun Maid Kennel Club for over 20 years. She has shown quiet and exemplary club service as a valued member of the Board of Directors on numerous occasions. Linda has exhibited her dedication to Sun Maid Kennel Club by serving in various capacities including serving as past President and Vice President.

 Linda’s active services and dedication to Sun Maid Kennel Club is exhibited at each and every Sun Maid Kennel Club dog show with her varied duties including many years as Ringside Hospitality.

 Linda has supported her breeds with trophy donations and has generously sponsored Group trophies for many years.

 Linda’s profession as a registered nurse has been valued for by Sun Maid Kennel Club as she has officiated as the Medical Support Coordinator at all of the Club’s shows.

 Linda deserves and she has earned this special recognition of the 2019 AKC Sportsmanship Award as she embodies all what’s good in the AKC Code of Sportsmanship.

 Congratulations Linda!




Sun Maid Kennel Club congratulates the Outstanding Sportsmanship Awards Honorees:

2008: Paula Arrigoni

2009: Gail Gorman

2010: Leland Black

2011: Timothy Sullivan

2012: Pam Rakis

2013: Dr Paul Cheney

2014: George Milutinovich

2015: Margie Sullivan

2016: Neil Hamilton

2017: Marilyn Solvason

2018: Timothy Sullivan

2019:  Linda Babers