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   Thank you for contacting Sun Maid Kennel Club regarding a purebred dog. Please refer to the Sun Maid KC’s Breeder Referral to see if any local members are breeders of the dog you are looking for. If the breed you are looking for is not listed, Sun Maid KC suggests you go back online to the AKC website for that breed and look up the breed's National Club (i.e. Mastiff Club of America). The breed may also have a California based club (i.e. Mastiff Club of Northern California). Email your inquiry, or write to them and include a self-address stamped envelope, and ask for a list of breeders in California to contact.

   Beware when buying from backyard breeder ads in the local newspaper and over the Internet. Interview the breeders carefully and thoroughly. Ads that state they will take credit cards and ship anywhere in the U.S. will be commercial breeders (a.k.a. Puppy Mills). Also, plan to attend local dog shows to meet breeders in person and research the breed you are interested in adding to your family. Remember that your puppy is a life long commitment of love and care.

   The Sun Maid Kennel Club assumes no responsibility for the quality, health, or temperament of any dog. nor the warranty, guarantee, integrity, honesty, or reliability, expressed or implied, by any person or of or by any person or organization whose name appears in the Sun Maid Kennel Club directory. All such warranties, guarantees and promises are between buyer(s) and seller(s) as individuals.

Shih Tzu
Paula Arrigoni
Fresno Ca.


CH SUN TZU’S TOTALLY AWESOME DUDE  (Dude) Breeder/Owner Handled

Champion in first 6 show weekends!

2008 Golden Gate Shih Tzu Fanciers’ 36th Specialty Show--“Best Bred-By-Exhibitor”

2008 NorCal Toy Dog Fanciers--“Best Bred-By-Exhibitor”

Best of Breed, Best of Opposite Sex, Best of Winners

Bichon Frise, Pugs
George & Cathy Milutinovich
Fresno, Ca


Irish Wolfhound - Bulldog
Lynne Stuart
Madera, Ca


Golden Retrievers

Parker  at 6 mos
Rakist Valet Service
Raykist Goldens -- show dogs since 1979
Puppies occassionally, referral service, all clearances

Pam Rakis
Tollhouse, Ca


Yorkshire Terriers
Linda Babers
Madera, Ca
Silky Terriers
Marilyn Solvason
Madera, Ca 
Boston Terriers
 Glenda Black
Fresno, Ca
Boston Terriers
Gail Gorman

CH Marjonlie Oh Wow
Top 10 Miniature Poodles Nationwide 2000
Bred / Co-Owned by Tim & Margie Sullivan
Belinda Brier
Fresno, Ca

Italian Greyhound, Schipperke,
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Kim Brinker
Fresno, Ca 


Sealyham,Bernese Mtn Dog
Fran Brown
Fresno, Ca




Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Paul & Judith Cheney
Sanger, Ca

CH Marjonlie Sho Me Da Money
#1 Miniature Poodle Male Nationwide 2002
Best in Show Winner
Multiple Group Winner
Bred/Co-Owned by Tim & Margie Sullivan
Barbara Rodgers
Fresno, Ca

Ch Marjonlie Jamonica Mon Petit Ange
Bred by
James & Monica Smith , Tim & Margie Sullivan
Owned by Melissa Proudian 


CH Marjonlie Blue Oak Bentley
#1 Miniature Poodle Male Nationwide 1998
Best in Show winner
Multiple Group Winner
Over 100 Best of Varieties
Tim & Margie Sullivan
Professional Handlers
Fresno, Ca